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Author's Note: Written for this game of Fill the Plothole. Everything from the Harry Potter series belongs to J.K. Rowling. The Chronicles of Narnia belongs to the estate of C.S. Lewis.

The spell of the moon...Draco Malfoy was having a good day when Longbottom did IT.Now,all they have to do is find Draco's true love.The problem is everybody wish to get inside his pants but no one inside his heart...or do they?slashHD

[This story broadcast in HD where available.]

Draco Malfoy had been walking around the back of the stands to reach the Quidditch pitch when he heard someone whispering to him from underneath the seats. He stopped and listened; a short figure moved forward out of the shadows. Malfoy couldn’t have expected the face that revealed itself.

The face was covered in white makeup, with bright red on the lips. The nose was covered by a big red ball. The face was surrounded by an orange wig of frizzy hair above, and a frilly white collar below. “Hiya, Malfoy!” the figure said in a raspy voice. “Aren’t you going to say, ‘Hello?’”

Malfoy was dumbfounded. “. . . Longbottom?”

Neville tossed an unfolded balloon animal at Malfoy’s feet. “A snake certainly does have a long bottom! Aha! Aha!” Neville squeaked the clown nose in time to his laughter.

Malfoy looked around. He didn’t see anyone else. Had someone jinxed the Gryffindor? Malfoy had certainly never seen Longbottom smiling for so long.

“Has your pitiful life finally driven you completely mad, Longbottom?”

“My name is Pennywise, the dancing clown!”

“Yes, fascinating. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Quidditch to practice.”

“But don’t you want a balloon?” Longbottom was now inexplicably holding a bundle of balloons by their strings. “Look! They FLOAT!”

“Where are you getting these?” Malfoy shouted, furious.

“We all FLOAT down here!” Longbottom shook the balloons desperately.

Malfoy turned to go, but as he walked away, he felt the sensation of something being pulled out of his pants pockets. He glared and spun around, coming face to face with the Weasley twins.

“Well, it was a fine plan,” said George. “Just didn’t quite work out.”

“You did great, Neville,” added Fred.

Malfoy was looking back and forth between the twins. “Do you mean to tell me,” he seethed, “that this was all just a plot to steal my wallet?”

“Well, you are rich,” said Neville, blushing through the clown paint.

Author's Note: It was created by Stephen King. The original link to the following story is lost.

“The Mirror” by o0NarnianLullaby0o
When Clary and Isla Kennedy are taken aboard the Dawn Treader, they find something more amazing than they could've ever imagined. A mirror that shows what you want the most. But the girls didn't even know that love was what they wanted... AU

The sisters had been wandering around the Dawn Treader since their arrival on the ship. To their utter disappointment, the majority of the ship’s cabins were either empty, or worse, filled with equipment or supplies. They were just giving up on finding anything amazing and magical when they opened the door to one room in particular.

“Like, whoa! Check it out, Clary! A magic mirror!”

“Totally, Isla! Like, mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the hottest one of all?”

“What’s that writing at the top? Mirror of . . . Erised?”

“Dude, it’s an Italian mirror. So chic.”

“No way, Clary! That’s so totally French.”

As the girls walked closer to the mirror, however, each saw something a little different in the reflection.

Isla cried, “Oh, it’s that total hunk from school!”

Clary sighed, “It’s that dreamy stud that runs the Cinnabon register at the mall!”

The sound of the door opening behind them broke both girls out of their reverie.

“Terribly sorry to intrude,” said Professor Dumbledore, “but I seem to have—Ah! Yes, there it is.” With a flick of his wand, the mirror levitated off the floor and headed for the door.

Dumbledore followed after it, but turned back in the door frame. “Incidentally, you young ladies ought to go home. Before you . . . as they say, mess something up?” He smiled politely, raising his eyebrows. Then he left.
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